You wouldn’t try to pound in a nail with a screwdriver, but it seems sometimes in technology that’s exactly what we do – we forget to assess the job that we are trying to accomplish, and instead just turn to our default tools. Remember, to a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Not using the right tool for the job can have negative consequences in keeping pace with the demand of business speed and agility:

  • Competitive advantage and money left on the table from the slow pace of business innovation being realized
  • Money and time being wasted in inefficiencies
  • User frustration with not being able to utilize mobile apps
  • Unmet business needs that drive Shadow IT
  • Unrealized synergy
  • Missed windows and opportunities

What is the real “job” to be done?

  • Connect the business with the best technology
  • Combine front-end (customer) focus and innovation to back-office technology maintenance
  • Rapidly align with, and help, lines of business be more innovative and competitive
  • Effectively deal with Shadow IT by implementing better collaboration tools.

Coactive is a not the right tool for every job, but it is the right tool for many jobs.

Download the handy worksheet, 17 Questions to Help Select the Right Tool for the Job.