It is important to get the right productivity from the right tools because CIOs and those managing development efforts have more to do than ever. Understanding the key decision points around selecting the right technology options can improve time to market (deployment), increase ROI, and improve relationships with stakeholders.

Coactive addresses the top Forbes Strategic Priorities for CIOs*:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Do Everything Faster
  • Leverage the Cloud
  • Gift of Agility
  • Customer Centricity
  • Consolidate Systems
  • 80/20 Trap

“The CIO’s role must shift from protecting and defending the status quo to embracing and extending new innovative capabilities.”**

“CIOs must be able to deliver value in measurable terms. The CIO must move from back-office technology provider to front-office digital disrupter talking to clients within the business.”***

“Enterprises realize on average only 43 percent of technology’s business potential” ****