The Coactive Platform is a suite of tools that enable the full-stack development, deployment, scale, maintenance, and support of cloud applications that work on any internet-enabled device with a browser. The Platform’s tools accommodate development processes and teams whether they are Waterfall, Agile, or something in between.

For Waterfall development teams, the Coactive Platform significantly speeds up requirements gathering, design, coding, and testing, and once the project is complete, robust revision control and maintenance tools save time and money.

In addition to these features, Coactive has strong collaboration and interactive tools that significantly assist Agile teams as well.


At the very core of Coactive DNA is support for Agile Values and Principles. The Agile Manifesto and the Twelve Principles of Agile Software were framed to improve the maladies the software industry faced.

Coactive’s unique development platform provides better tools for agility and collaboration than any other platform.

Although industry words like RAD, Low Code, No Code, or aPaaS can start to describe parts of what the Coactive Platform offers for development teams, phrases like, “Agile as a Service,” “Collaboration as a Service,” or “Interactive Application Development” help explain the results of using the platform.

Accordingly, based on the Agile Manifesto, Coactive has created the Coactive Agile Values that guide the Platform’s ability to help technical teams work in a highly productive, agile, and coactive environment with stakeholders and end users:

Coactive Agile Values