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Coactive is the collaborative application development platform for technical teams to create, organize, and accelerate business solutions. Coactive Technology has been supporting Fortune 500 companies since 2010, with Pharma, Biotech, Project Management, and Documentation companies using Coactive’s aPaaS Platform.

Many companies struggle to deploy valuable business solutions due to lack of time or resources, but with Coactive you can decrease time to application launch, deploy easily scalable and maintainable cloud apps, connect existing solutions to multiple systems, upgrade and migrate legacy applications to the cloud, and wisely utilize the available budget to innovate ways to enhance competitive advantage.


3-Tier Application Architecture
Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)



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Coactive NodeJS Service


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On top of the roadmap list are features that improve the viewing and utility of Coactive-built applications across all devices. Designers will have better control for specific devices during application development, and improved execution of server side workflows will add performance gains.


Improved User Interface
Additional features will be added to the platform, allowing for a more seamless design process for application developers. Additional hotkeys and data templating, as well as improvements to the reporting functions will also enhance the user experience.


More Control for the Designer
Developers will have even better control over the look of an application by easily creating and saving commonly used styles. Jumpstart your integrations with other applications and platforms with more pre-configured APIs and a simplified integration giving you added functionality for any project.