Many companies struggle to deploy valuable business solutions due to lack of time or resources.

Common challenges include:
  • Budgeting Shortfalls / Cuts
  • Staffing
  • Cloud Migration
  • Application Scalability
  • Condensed Time Lines
  • Disparate Data / Applications

We Hear you Loud and Clear

Coactive is a collaborative application development platform that moves business innovation out of the backlog and into production.

CREATE Applications that Scale

Coactive leverages Amazon Web Services which allows your applications to be available on the cloud. The architecture provides your applications the ability to seamlessly scale from small work groups to millions of users; from small data set to big data. The Coactive platform is also available as an on-premise solution that can work behind your firewall.

ORGANIZE your Workflow

Streamline and migrate legacy applications into easily maintainable and manageable cloud based solutions. Connect, consolidate, and integrate disparate systems securely in the cloud. Upgrade your paper based systems to cloud based efficient workflows.

ACCELERATE your Time to Market

Improve digital transformation speed. Shorten customer iteration cycles. Reliably launch deployments and legacy application upgrades to quickly scale to the cloud. Drive business process innovation & engineering into production.

Why Coactive?

Standardized functionality allows teams to create powerful applications that scale using AWS.

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Allows your team to collaborate and iterate in real-time, and eliminates lengthy debug and test cycles.

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Allows you to spend more time on the UX, overall customer experience, and higher ROI work, providing you with a competitive advantage.

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Ready to Get Hands On?

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With Coactive you can:

  • Decrease the time to market for launching applications
  • Build applications that can be easily scaled and maintained
  • Connect existing solutions to multiple sources and systems
  • Upgrade and migrate legacy applications to the cloud
  • Maximize your available budget to innovate ways to enhancecompetitive advantage.